Jul 5, 2022

Introducing Teams feature

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  • Teams
  • v61

A common question we hear from Workspace owners with more than a few people is:

How do we separate projects by department within our agency?

Today we introduce Teams feature in Kitchen to make it easier for Workspace owners to manage separate teams within their organization.

For example, a workspace owner asked us if they can manage their design projects separately from the development projects. Another question we got was how to separate WordPress based projects from Shopify ones.

With the new Teams feature, you can create separate teams for your internal users, and then assign your projects for the particular team. Here’s how this works:

  • Go to Settings > Teams screen, and create a new Team. Enter a team name – choose something that fits a department name here, e.g. “Design” or “Development”
  • Go to the team screen, and add appropriate team-mates to it
  • When you go to a project, you’ll be able to add it to a team:

One the project is added to team, you can filter the list of project by “Team” on the project listing.

Additionally the Team-mate Roles system respects the Team when the user doesn’t have access to all projects:

  • When you create a role, you can choose to allow the users from that role to have access only to projects they’re explicitly invited to
  • Users with a team will also see all projects added to their team by default
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