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Previously, you were only able to see tasks grouped by section. With the new update, you can now also group tasks by assignee.

Mentions are Now Available for Clients

Jul 28, 2022
  • Mentions
  • v90

Previously, the mentions option was only available to your team. The new release now allows clients to mention anyone including team members and co-workers.

New Tab: Internal Notes

Jul 28, 2022
  • Internal Notes
  • Project Tabs
  • v90

You can now add an Internal Notes Tab at the top of your projects.  The tab will display all the internal notes between you and your team in a project, all in one place.

Task Filters are Now Available

Jul 23, 2022
  • Tasks
  • v81

You can now filter tasks by status and assignee.

Your team and clients can now reply to task messages directly from their email.

Introducing Sub-tasks

Jul 21, 2022

Sub-tasks is a way of breaking down sizeable task into smaller pieces and making progress visible at a glance.

Task Boards now allow you to view your Tasks as a Kanban board.

Task Boards allow you to split a Project into actionable Tasks and assign each one to a Team member, and set a due-date.

Client Conversations is a cornerstone in your Kitchen workspace, every project has a Conversation module enabled. Today we introduce support for multiple Conversations in single project.

You can now add a Team column to Projects listing screens:

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