The Best Freelance Invoice Templates and Why to Use Them


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Freelance Invoice Templates

Freelance work is definitely a more flexible way of working and for certain people, it fits perfectly with the lifestyle choice and chosen location. However, it is not simply a hobby. A professional freelancer not only has to produce high-quality work but also has to appear professional in all other areas of business. The red tape, accountancy, communication strategies, taxes are not the most glamorous activities of the job but they have to be done.

The key is to make it as easy and straightforward as possible, but still, fulfill all the requirements of a business and still look professional.

Why you Need Invoices

Sending invoices is one of the most important elements of this, after all this is how you actually get paid for the work you have produced. Invoices have certain technical requirements and information that you have to include and other options depending on the nature of the project and how the payment has been negotiated.

One way of producing an invoice is to design one from scratch, making sure you cover everything and letting the formatting and design represent your standards. But this takes time, and effort, which might be better spent focusing on your latest project or competing for your next one. One solution is to use ready-made templates that are widely available online. In this way, you have the standard base from which you can customize and add the crucial information.

Fortunately, there are many great templates available, even for free. You can choose a design that suits your style and you can choose the document format that best fits. So at the end of the day, the client receives a fully functioning, appropriate professional-looking invoice that should not only encourage swift payment but also serve as a reminder of just how professional you really are.

Contents of Invoice Templates

There are essentials that all invoices should cover as well as the obvious amount owed. You need a breakdown of the work done, details depend on specific client and type of work, you also need payment due dates, tax information, and payment preferences. In addition, the invoice has to contain the business names and addresses of yourself and your client and a unique invoice number. These are vital for accountancy.

How you go about formatting this information depends on your style but remember it is an official document not an artistic piece, so it needs to be clear, with the information front and centre and be business-like.

Advantages of  Invoice Templates

Speed and ease are the two main factors.  Most templates are created by professionals who know exactly what is required by a good, effective invoice that contains all the key data required. There is plenty of choice and customization options so you can affect the look in your own way and include your branding. You can download invoices in formats of your choice, that will fit best with your accounts. And they are often completely free.



FreshBooks - Freelance invoice template

FreshBooks is a cloud accountancy tool that is great for freelancers. It contains everything you need including time-tracking, payments, reminders, automated invoicing but all this comes at a cost. However, FreshBooks does have a series of well-designed free invoice templates that you can download and customize. The invoice templates are available for Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, Google Docs, and  Google Sheets. The other great bonus of FreshBooks invoice templates is that they have industry-specific invoices including specialist invoice templates for Web Designers and Graphic Designers. There are also specific freelancer templates for time-based work, recurring work, prepayment deposit invoices, or mixed invoices. Lots of flexibility.


Invoicesimple - Freelance invoice template

Invoicesimple has a comprehensive site for creating invoices with all you need to know right there. There is an easy to use invoice generator with lots of features and customization. it’s free for the first 3 invoices and then you’ll need an account. However, there are free invoice templates ready to download in PDF, Excel, or Word and also for Google Drive. These invoices are also available in French, German, Italian, and Spanish not just English.


 Sage - Freelance invoice template

Sage has been one of the leading accountancy software for years and it offers a full package not just invoicing. But invoicing has its place too. Sage has produced a series of clear, crisp, clean invoice templates that are free for download in word or excel formats. They offer industry-specific styles including one for freelancers but also for designers, or a smile basic template, all fully customizable. Not a great choice but industry standard and rather nicely done.


Waveapps - Freelance invoice template

Waveapps is an accountancy tool that allows you to create great invoices and do many other processes such as producing reports, tracking income and expenses, etc. all for free. You simply ned to set up a free account and you are ready to go. There is an excellent choice of templates in all the major formats, and all completely customizable. You can use specific freelancer templates or choose something more suitable. The huge advantage of waveapps system is you link your invoices to your bank and can accept one-click payment and give automated receipts. A fully free, unlimited invoice service.


PayPal - Freelance invoice template

PayPal offers a free invoice template without the need for a PayPal account and extra invoicing features such as one-click payments when you open a free business account. PayPal has a reputation also an invoice template from them can carry weight but there isn’t a lot of choice on style here.


Freelanceuk - Freelance invoice template

Freelanceuk is a website that is a great source of advice and help for freelancers all over the world. It contains guides and forums as well as informative articles.  You can do a search and find invoice tips and a free template. FreelanceUK has done a lot of the hard work for you with this invoice template that will save you valuable time. Simply fill in your details and you are ready to send this professional invoice and sit back and wait for payment.


Invoicehome - Freelance invoice template

Invoice home is a super site that offers a wide choice of free invoice templates for all sorts of industries and with all sorts of options. It requires a free sign-up and account creation but once you have done these steps,  the choice is worth it.


Canva - Freelance invoice template

Canva is a superb site for pretty much all templates, so you can obviously find free invoice templates here too. There is plenty of choice for different business and industries and you can create that custom invoice that really stands out for all the right reasons. The templates are fully editable, with a range of tools provider by the Canva editor.  You can upload images, logos, etc, change colors and gradients of color and even add texture all within the site. Once you’re happy download and save. Canva helps you produce something really special within a matter of minutes.


Invoicing is one of those things that just has to be done, but it doesn’t have to become a chore.  With a range of templates and tools available you can produce a super clear, professional-look invoice that fits your brand and oozes class. It can create that all-important final impression that will not only help you get paid but also help you be remembered. The details matter in business, right until the very end, so be careful not to let yourself done at the last minute. Find the template for you, customize it, save it and keep that consisitency. Once you’ve got your dream base, it’s simply a matter of filling in the blanks.

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