Kitchen is for
Freelancers & Solopreneurs

Become a master multi-tasker while keeping all your clients happy.

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Balance conversations like nobody’s business

You may be running the ship solo, but with Kitchen, you’re never really alone. Kitchen keeps all projects so nice and tidy, you’ll never miss a message, update, or request from any of your clients, ever.

Client Portal

Keep your clients cool

Never let a project get out of your hands. Kitchen lets you loop clients into so they know exactly where projects are going. Keep them informed and engaged without talking in circles.

Online Payments

Done-for-you invoicing

Yep, Kitchen literally does the invoicing for you. All you have to do is get paid by your clients, and Kitchen automatically sends them a formal invoice they can download, then stores it away neatly for you. Done and done.


Hand off projects knowing you’ll get paid

Wrap up projects safely and risk-free. Kitchen lets you protect your final deliverables behind a paywall, so clients can only access them after they’ve paid in full.

There’s enough on your plate already

Keep it all from crashing and burning with Kitchen.

No credit card required, cancel any time

Keep it all together

You’re a legit business. Act like it.

Become your clients’ go-to partner

Show clients the real pro you are with the tool to back it up. Earn their trust by keeping them involved as projects develop, and sharing your one-of-a-kind process with them.

Always get paid on time

Track all payments so you know who owes what, and by when. Kitchen makes sure you’re paid upfront and on time, without having to whip out spreadsheets or accounting software.

Knock projects out faster

Waste no time fishing through emails trying to catch up on lost details. Stay focused and on track for all of your projects before they’re due. You can thank us when you’re taking all Fridays off.

With, clients are happier, our team feels more productive, and communication is easier because everything is in one place!
Simeon Gold

Project Manager @ htmlBurger

Project Manager - Simeon Gold
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