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Hi, we’re Kitchen

Meet the people who turned 15 years of agency experience into the client-project communication tool other agencies can’t work without.

Kitchen was born out of 2create.io:
Our company that services a range of niches in tech.

About Us

With nearly two decades in the industry, our business has earned the trust of over 10,000 clients worldwide and completed over 50,000 projects.

But it wasn’t time on our side. It was change.

Rather than fight change, we embraced every lesson it brought. We put our heads together to brainstorm new ways to improve our everyday processes. We motivated each other each day as we dissected, analyzed, and applied every new insight. Soon enough, we had developed a tool that solves the exact same challenge our agency was facing: managing communication with clients while working on multiple projects.

We’re proud to run our business with the same go-getter attitude of our early days. Because agencies like yours deserve all-in-one tools like Kitchen.co. We’ve loved building this product, and love seeing so many teams work better than ever before with it.

We’ve accomplished so much in the last 15 years, but we’re not stopping any time soon.

The best is yet to come.

The Kitchen Credo

Our culture isn’t something we keep to ourselves. Our culture is baked into every feature of Kitchen.co. Because the keys to our success are yours, too.


Working smarter, not harder is what it’s all about. Saving time, stressing less, and working better together. Efficiency keeps day-to-day tasks and communication virtually frictionless.


We empower each other to show up and do our best work every single day. Inside Kitchen.co, we give you the tools to take the reins on projects and provide amazing client experiences.


We believe in keeping values and processes transparent for one reason: to earn and build trust amongst team members, clients, and partners.


If change is constant, so is innovation. Every feature inside Kitchen.co only gets better, just like your processes. When you grow, Kitchen.co grows with you.

The Kitchen Credo

Wait until you find out how we worked before Kitchen.co

Just don’t be surprised if you face-palm.

Read Our Story


We’re in the business of efficiency and collaboration. Get to know the founders and team leaders making it all happen.


Co-Founder and CEO

A multi-disciplinary team leader bringing high energy, attention to detail, and witty jokes to our everyday operation. Dad to three fur babies and one human one.


Co-Founder and CTO

A tech-head at heart, Emil loves to dig deep into complex problems until he’s cracked them all. All the more reason why you should never challenge him in a game of chess.


Co-Founder and CMO

A creative leader, thinker, and problem solver who is no stranger to thinking outside the box. Especially when playing with his two adorable daughters.



A code perfectionist. We can’t ship anything without his stamp of approval. Seriously. (We love you, Viktor.)



One of the hardest workers you’ll ever meet with the coding skills to prove it. Travel buff, beach-dweller, biker dude.



A people person to the core, he loves technology for its endless possibilities and for giving him the chance to help people solve problems. As a bonus, he's also a great dancer.



Focused and methodical, Vasko stops at nothing to solve any problem or build something useful from scratch. Speaking of useful, teaming up with him for a movie quiz game is an automatic win.


UI/UX Designer

A keen eye for detail, there’s nothing Momchil loves more than clean visuals. Just don’t tell his pet guinea pig, Chocho.


Illustrator & Video Producer

When he’s not creating graffiti art, Jordan’s creating art for Kitchen. Or listening to Bulgarian hip hop. Don’t knock it ‘till you listen to it.

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