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Dazzle clients with your team’s creative talents. Blow them away with your process.

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Collaborate the right way

Get your team and clients talking so everyone’s always on the same page. Only loop people into projects who need to know what’s going on. And when you need help, let your team take the reins on conversations so you can get back to growing your agency.

Become a
pro-juggler of conversations

Information is bound to get buried in your hundreds of email threads. And you shouldn’t have to waste time fishing through each one. With Kitchen, there’s only one conversation per project to keep up with, so you know exactly what’s going on.

Online Payments

Get paid first, then auto-invoice

Yep, it’s a thing. Kitchen automatically sends your clients a formal invoice that’s ready to download after they’ve paid you. You’ll spend approximately 0 minutes invoicing, and about 1 minute celebrating every time.

Client Portal

Make clients feel like they’re part of the team

Being micromanaged by your clients every step of the way is two big thumbs down. Give them the context and insight they want to keep cool, while staying excited throughout the process. Who knows, they’ll probably love working with your agency so much, they may just have to do it again.

Put the process back
into your creative process

There’s a better way to help your team and keep up with clients. (It’s called Kitchen.)

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Work better together

Your creative agency can do it all, with Kitchen

Work better with clients

Managing different projects, with several clients, all at different stages can be a lot. Stay on top of every detail and show clients you’re a trusted partner throughout the entire project.

Win more opportunities

Price your projects the right way and get a “yes” from clients in no time. With our Price Quotes tool, you can quickly send detailed price quotes that are easy to read, and even easier for clients to approve.

Close projects on time

Help everyone stay on track as projects develop. Keep a solid grip on all the moving parts, and even last-minute changes, to successfully close all your projects ahead of time.

With, clients are happier, our team feels more productive, and communication is easier because everything is in one place!
Simeon Gold

Project Manager @ htmlBurger

Project Manager - Simeon Gold
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