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Meet Kitchen

The project management tool for agencies centralizes all projects, client requests, tasks, messages, invoices, and files into one window, with two user-friendly views.

Assign client projects to team members
Keep clients in the know
Track payments
Lock final files behind a paywall
No messy email chains. See it all in one thread.
Get everyone aligned
Personalize their experience
Invite their team to see
Get paid in a click
Unlock files after payment
No messy email chains. See it all in one thread.
Keep clients happy

With, everyone in your agency knows exactly what’s going on with every project from start to close. You’ll stop running in circles with your team and clients, and finally feel like you’ve got it together.

All-in-One Solution

How Kitchen helps


Manage client
requests efficiently organizes all project conversations into one easy-to-navigate area. Every message from your team and clients is neatly stored, so you’ll always know who said what, and when.

Why it's (way) better than email:
  • Share or jump into any conversation without the CC/BCC dance.
  • Delegate to your team while keeping an eye on everything.
  • One thread per project, not hundreds of scattered emails.

Organize work and get client projects done

Stay on top of every task and stay on track with every project. Plan sprints, break down each step, and hit deadlines every time

Key features:
  • Switch from Kanban to Table, or Calendar and let your team and clients work the way they want.
  • Create project boards only your team members can see.
  • Use Subtasks to break down complex tasks into small, manageable pieces.
  • Add extra information to your tasks like status, type and more with Custom Fields.

"Switching to was such a relief for us. We now feel that client communication is no longer a bottleneck for our company because all important aspects of any project are clearly visible for the whole team."

Naim | Product Manager @ In-House Team

Invoicing & Payments

Invoice projects easily

Create, customize, and send a Kitchen-hosted invoice in minutes. Add line items, and tax rates directly to your invoices.

Why it’s better than regular invoicing:
  • Clients can see what they’ve paid or owe, and fulfill payments in one click.
  • Connect your payment gateway to get instant payments from clients.
  • Sync payments with your invoicing tool. FreshBooks, FreeAgent, QuickBooks and Xero are supported.
Works seamlessly with:

"The biggest benefit of for us was the billing module - we no longer need to track payments in a separate accounting system because everything syncs automatically and is easily traceable."

Dave | General Manager @ MailBakery


Hand off final files only after clients pay

Never worry about clients running away with your work. protects your final files behind a paywall, so clients can’t access them until they’ve paid in full.

"We switched from a generic support system to because it comes with a streamlined process for quoting, payment, and paywalled downloads."

Nikolay | Master Illustrator @ GraphicMama Studio

Client Portal

Where clients see everything they need, and nothing they don’t

Clients can kick back knowing you and your team are on top of every project. The best part? They don’t need to log into Kitchen to see what’s happening. Yep, we made it that easy to use.

Client photo

Works with email

Clients can reply straight from their inbox. will sync their messages automatically.

No login required

They can approve quotes, complete payments, and download invoices without signing in.

Zero learning curve

Complex functions? Not in here. They can start using right away.

Passwordless login

No need to create an account and set up passwords either, clients can sign in with just their email.

Touch base on projects

Open all communication for quick and easy check-ins.

Invite their

Loop in your client’s colleagues and quickly catch them up.

Fast, secure payments

Get paid with the help of a simple, secure checkout process.

Features for productive

Assignments & Roles

Assign owners to conversations, and delegate to team members to follow every update.

Internal-only messages

Send messages, helpful notes, or discuss important topics only you and your team can see.


Mention team members and work together on client projects.

Large attachments

Attach files up to 250MB to any outgoing messages or internal notes.

File previews

View previews of PSD, PDFs, docs, and design files attached to every message.

Delivery Status

Know when clients open and read every message you send.


Get notifications wherever you and your team communicate. Stay on top of follow-ups, meetings, and more.

Location tracking

See where your clients are located and send messages at the most appropriate time.

Saved replies

Give your fingers a break from typing the same replies over and over. Use your saved ones instead.

And that's not all, at all also has drafts, custom fields, activity log, email notifications, email replies, email signatures, see who's online, starred messages, permalinks, due dates, bulk actions and much more.

Check out all 100 features

And, a platform for efficient communication with clients


Keep client requests, feedback, files and updates on the official record. Get your team and clients aligned by organizing everything, all in one place.


Relieve the pressure of immediately responding. Enable deep work and focus with fewer interruptions. Communicate and collaborate easily across time zones.

Safe & Secure

We take security seriously. We’re 256-bit SSL & PCI compliant, and use the same measures as banks to protect all your data and every transaction.

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Get ready to change the way you work with clients, forever.

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Works with your tools connects easily to your website, email, invoicing software or any other tool that has an API.

With, clients are happier, our team feels more productive, and communication is easier because everything is in one place!
Simeon Gold

Project Manager @ htmlBurger

Project Manager - Simeon Gold
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