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Where clients and teams
work together

Organize everything to handle anything you do with clients. Discuss projects, get paid, and deliver work all in one space.

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Shared Inbox

Keep clients happy one conversation at a time

Organize every conversation

Keep your messages clutter-free. Never miss a single update, piece of feedback, or compliment from clients.

Sync up with your team

Help your team when they need it, and assign them as conversation owners when you need it.

Get things done

Stay focused and productive so you and your team can wrap up projects on time. Maybe even take Fridays off.

Payments & Invoicing

Get paid, pronto

1 minute setup

Connect Kitchen to your payment processor, like PayPal or Stripe, and that’s it. So, really, less than a minute.

Frictionless billing

Get the full picture of where all your bills stand and avoid late payments.

Done-for-you invoicing

Kitchen will automatically generate, send, and store invoices after clients pay. Ta-da.

Safe and secure

We take security seriously and follow the highest measures to protect every transaction.

Payments and invoicing
Client Area

Make things a little too easy for your clients


We designed the Client Area interface to look just like email. So for clients, it’s business as usual.

Super simple onboarding

Invite your clients to a new project thread, and they can log into Kitchen with just their email.

No login necessary

Clients can respond to conversations straight from their inbox without logging into Kitchen.

One page to see it all

Kitchen shows your clients only what they need to stay up to date, and nothing else.

Client portal

Free for freelancers & tiny teams

Get ready to change the way you work with clients, forever.

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Search Kitchen

Quit digging through your inbox

Find exactly what you’re looking for faster than you can say “Kitchen.” With Kitchen’s search feature, you can spend less time fishing through hundreds of old emails, and more time getting things done.

Organize your team

Get everyone on the same page

Cut meeting times in half or get rid of them altogether. With Kitchen, everyone on your team has the clarity and context they need to keep up.

CEOs, owners, and executives

Delegate all client and project communication to your managers while keeping an eye on everything. Focus on growing your business, not putting out fires.


You’re a manager, not a hired organizer. Streamline all processes for communication, payments, and delivering work, and make it easy to keep clients happy.

Developers, designers, and everyone else

Your production team doesn’t need to be involved in client communication (and let’s be honest, they don’t usually want to). Kitchen lets you share only the highlights with them, so they’ll always know exactly what to do.

Who Kitchen is for

Kitchen is for people who don’t like managing 1000s of emails

Creative Agencies

Put the ‘process’ back into your team’s creative process. Limit back and forth phone calls, chats, and emails with clients, and help your entire team stay focused.

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Web Design Studios

Stop sifting through piles of email threads and make time for the things that matter. Every bit of project information is easy to find, download, and share.

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Digital Marketing Agencies

You’re not an account manager, so why keep operating like one? Give clients and your whole team full clarity on what’s expected, then get back to growing and scaling your agency.

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Freelancers & Solopreneurs

If you’re running solo, you’ve got enough on your plate. Keep up with all your clients and show them you’re a real pro with the tool to back it up.

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It just makes sense

Seamless communication

Regular email can get messy. Keep it chaos-free so you, your team, and your clients are always on the same page.

Better processes

Work efficiently, not in circles. Kitchen makes it easy to stay on top of all your conversations, invoices, and deliverables, and save time for everyone.

Happy clients

With just one tool, clients have everything they need to check in, submit payments, and download final project files. They’ll be thanking you for making life easier.

With, clients are happier, managers feel more productive, and communication is easier because everything is in one place!
Simeon Gold

Project Manager @ htmlBurger

Project Manager - Simeon Gold
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