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Our Story

Our Story

From our humble beginnings as a web design agency to becoming the only, go-to project-client communication tool for agencies, this is the story behind Kitchen.

Our Story - Introduction

Everything we did with clients was scattered over email and phone

Our Story - Introduction

We were a small web design agency of three. We each had specific roles, but we all communicated with clients, using just one inbox to discuss different projects with them. Yes, you read that right. One inbox for three people. You can imagine how messy that got.

We were incessantly swamped with emails, from project requests to new client inquiries. So we did what any overwhelmed, crunched-for-time team does: we dealt with it.

Our Story

From burnout to the big idea

Our Story

Between designing and building websites, and communicating with clients, we didn’t have time to focus on other areas of our business. Hiring and scaling felt like a pipe dream. Things like accounting, bookkeeping, and general organization always came last-minute.

We were tested, day after day. Hard. The kind of hard that makes you want to throw your keyboard across the room.*

We really thought we could keep it up. Sure, things were working, but they were far from ideal. Four day work weeks were out of the question. And vacations? Don’t make us laugh.

If we really wanted to grow as both a team and business, we knew we had to make some serious changes. No more burning the midnight oil. No more ignoring our work just to respond to clients.

We started looking into other solutions, but they didn’t fit the bill for our level of dynamic work. So we decided to build our own client-project communication tool.

*No keyboards were harmed in the making of Kitchen.

Our Story

Efficiency and ease of collaboration were two key goals for us. One, to make work easier and better for our team and clients. And two, to make delegation a one-and-done task.

We envisioned our team members handling everything on their own, while keeping the team up-to-date on project progress. Things like delegating client communication, sending quotes, and accepting payments could be done without help.

After one year of building our tool in the spare time between project work and answering emails, we created the very first version of Kitchen for internal use.

We could let our team leaders handle the client communication side while we monitor our projects. Developers knew if clients were happy with their work, and clients were happy to have dedicated team leaders guide them through projects.

But like any first version, there were still a few tweaks to adjust.

Our Story
Our Story
Our Story

2010 - 2018

Growing and scaling our agency (finally)

With better processes in place, we were able to shift our focus to work on our business, and finally started to see the growth we aimed for. Nearly 20 experts from our 2create.io team became project managers handling client communication in Kitchen, while we grew to over 100 developers and designers.

Four day work weeks became more frequent. And we could finally go on vacation.

As our needs grew, so did the list of features. We continued to make updates and improvements to make Kitchen an even better platform.

Our Story
Our Story


is released for all agencies

After completely integrating Kitchen into our workflow, we saw our team working better together than ever before. We thought, if it works this well for us, it can do the same for any other agency.

Beyond the efficiency and seamless collaboration, Kitchen’s helped us strengthen our client relationships. It’s helped us stay organized while working on 10+ projects at a time. It’s the reason why we were able to scale so successfully.

The best part? Kitchen’s made all of this and more beyond easy. And it can do the same for your agency.

If you’re looking for a better way to manage project communication, improve your current systems and process, and scale your growing agency, Kitchen’s the tool for you.

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