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“Kitchen.co has been amazing for both myself and my clients! I love how easy it is to use. Since switching to Kitchen.co, I have had minimal (if any) questions about how to navigate through the portal or find things. Before, I would have a lot more. I also love how I can easily create templates to reuse and customize the portal with my own branding. Kitchen.co provides amazing support when needed. I am always excited about their new features that help make client management even more seamless.“

Ame C

CEO • Creative Agency

“Simple for clients, Easy for owners! The most impactful features: Drag and Drop - Easy to arranged task in order. Notifications and answers - Your client can answer from its email and I'll get automatically upload on the platform. Dashboard - You can see all your projects in one place, and everyone of them is like a folders. Since you know how to use folders, you'll know how to use Kitchen.co. Personalization - My clients don't even know it's Kitchen.co. It took me less than 10 min to personalized. Price - Compared to other portal, you get more than what you paid for here.“

Karla M


“Ideal for digital entrepreneurs! Kitchen.co is impeccable for project management! I use this platform, and I am impressed by its features. As a project manager, I've often looked for a way to simplify communication with my clients, keep track of all updates, and collaborate seamlessly. Kitchen.co meets all of these needs. The ability to create a hierarchical folder structure is a major plus. It allows me to organize my projects precisely and easily find the information I need. I highly recommend Kitchen.co to all project managers and professionals looking to simplify their project management.“

Lionel A

Digital Consultant

“A creative portal that was a breeze to build! This system is simple to setup and has all of the features that we needed to create a powerful design portal. The combination of features was exactly what we needed without a lot of extraneous stuff. Super easy to get rolling with it and integrate into an existing site. The system has been super easy to use and clients are able to use it with almost no instructions. It is streamlined in its design and features are integrated into a clear and effective UI. When I needed support on forms it was resolved in less than a day.“

Nathan M

CEO/Founder • Creative Agency

“Great tool for freelancers! If you are a freelancer, this is a great friendly tool for project, client, and task management. Kitchen.co really gives your business/brand a professional polished look. I like portal feature that gives my clients secure access to project documents/files in one place. I also like the folder management that allow me to organize project and control access level. And the Kanban boards are great for task management.“

Iyana H

Lead Instructional Designer

“Great Client Portal Solution! Kitchen.co stood out to the rest because the platform is tailored to design and creative industries. Whereas other platforms are geared towards large corporate companies, Kitchen.co keeps their focus on the rest of the business world, like small companies and freelancers. Would highly recommend this platform if you are graphic, or web design agency. Clients find it easy to use and it's generally a great deal if you go lifetime!“

Matthew W

CEO/Founder • Design Agency

“The little tool that will make your project management take off! It's a tool with a quick learning curve, no need for 10 hours of training to start using it. Kitchen.co is a real tool that greatly helps in exchanges with the customer, it allows you to bring everyone together in the same interface. I think the tool can become a giant on the market, with an even more user-friendly interface.“

Lamure B

Director Web Design

“An effective approach to managing projects and clients. Kitchen.co is really well done. I like the approach to project and client management.

Cristiano T

CEO/Founder • Design Agency

“Kitchen.co is an amazing and useful tool. My feeling at the first moment was "wow it's so intuitive and useful". Then I organized my clients folders, send checks, and for my, if one if the best options right now, for startups. Easy to use, excellent for organization, clients works and very intuitive. Excellent support too.“

Victoria C


“Literally the best Client Portal for Design Agencies! I love everything about this software - and the team at Kitchen.co is really responsive, helpful, and willing to make any improvements that bring value to their platform. Kitchen.co has been a cornerstone of our success and growth throughout the last year and I thoroughly enjoy using this on a daily basis.“

Aaron C

Executive Director • Design Agency

“You NEED kichen.co in your life! Having Google Docs and other forms be easily integrated into the hub, making it a one-stop-shop for all my clients to find everything really easily, and work from the hub without needing to click into multiple different apps to complete homework/feedback. I'm a very visual person, so even though an app might have all the features I need, if it isn't something I enjoy visually I won't use it. Kitchen.co is so simple and the interface is so nice, it makes it a no brainer to use. Having everything all in one place for my clients whilst working on their project is perfect and cuts down on "I can't find...." from them!“

Laura F


“Great solution for agencies. Seamless user experience and interface, with exceptional customer service.“

Atallah A

CEO/Founder • Design Agency

“The Best Client Portal that I've used! It's an extremely easy and intuitive tool to use. I love it that I don't need a separate invoicing system to manage my finances. With just one tool, I can create projects, assign tasks, set milestones, create product documentation, share collateral with clients, get feedback and build quotes and invoices. As a freelancer, this one tool meets all my needs without burning a hole in my pocket.“

Nimit K

CEO/Founder • Digital Marketing Agency

“Easy to use white label client portal! Seamless domain and email configuration: We effortlessly set up custom records for a white-labelled option. Project customisation: There are many configurations we can have for project tasks. Streamlined user interface: One of the most intuitive client management portals we have come across where we can easily manage all client projects. Chat: The chat interface is easy for clients to manage and use. Another great feature is the white-labelled email so clients can respond to chat from their email. Top-notch customer support: We had our questions answered quickly and they went out of their way to find solutions. Everything we have seen so far is 5-star compared to other tools we have used. We couldn't be happier. Not only is the software incredibly user-friendly, but the technical support is remarkably fast. Based on this outstanding service alone, we wholeheartedly recommend Kitchen.co.“

Bruce P.

CEO/Founder • Digital Marketing Agency

“Can't get any better! We have used almost 10 softwares in the category before making a decision and Kitchen.co proved to serve all the qualities we were looking for. First and foremost, the user interface is clean and intuitive, making it easy for both seasoned project managers and our clients to quickly adapt. It has all features that a design agency (or any other agency for that matter) need collaborate effectively with the team and client alike. Now we don't need a bunch of subscriptions since it has kanban boards, conversations, invoice management, files and feedback tool all inclusive. If that was not all, all of these are separated by individual clients so everything's clean and sorted. In layman terms, it's as easy as creating and organising folders on your desktop!“

Tauqueer H.

CEO/Founder • Design Agency

“The most efficient and valuable client portal I've found. Invoicing and payments are easy to set up and integrate into your portal's workflow. Branding options are great. The value for what you pay is incredible. The features I mentioned, adding users and delegating tasks, and managing multiple projects is where Kitchen.co really shines. The simplicity of Kitchen.co when compared to other products proved to be very effective as it related to my organization. Kitchen.co has everything I need, and almost nothing I don't.“

Jonathan L.


“Perfect for collaborating on website projects! I love that you can embed Google Docs for collaborating with clients and the design review function that allows me to upload screenshots of web pages I've designed and get feedback from my clients. The chat function also helps keep my inbox tidy and it makes it easier for me to find messages about the project with clients in one place. I first experienced this product because someone I hired used it for managing her client projects. I enjoyed that I could log in to one place and see all of the things related to the project we were working on together. I knew immediately that this is what I needed for working with my clients going forward!“

Josie G.

Founder • Web Designer

“Game changer! Kitchen.co is ready to use immediately! You don't have to spend a bunch of time setting up the tool which is great. It's also very easy for my clients to jump right in and navigate so it eliminates the need of me spending so much time explaining the tool to them. Kitchen.co has been an absolute game changer for how I run my project based business. I'm able to easily manage all of my projects, provide updates, share information all without having to depend so heavily on email. My clients love it and it helps to set and enforce boundaries!“

Ashley T.

CEO • Professional Trainer & Coach

“Amazing software! I love the software, the looks the branding and the ability they give you to trully make it yours.“

Gonçalo M.

CEO • Digital Marketing Agency

“Kitchen is Fantastic! Highly Rated Client Portal Management Tool! Kitchen.co is by far the best and most intuitive platform I have found to help run my Design Subscription business. The merge from a competitor was easy and simple, the onboarding for clients is simple and clear, managing projects and tasks was easy, and communication and asset sharing as well. Everything is perfect! My clients now have an all-in-one solution for keeping track of all their work, future requests and ongoing jobs. The feedback from clients has been overwhelmingly positive.

Stellio K.

Graphic Designer

“Modern and well thought out features. Kitchen.co is the Client Portal that clients actually want to use, and this is enough praise for everything else it has behind it.“

Carlos P.

Sr. Product Designer

“The product is very simple to use, I was easily able to access my work projects and modify them without taking into account the size and nature of the project, very professional and recommended. Very positive experience, highly recommended especially for those who often work with digital projects and need an app to manage them.“

Alessandro R.

Graphic Designer

“The best client portal for agencies. Its flexibility makes it powerful. This tool is awesome because it's super flexible and easy to use. You can learn it in no time and start using it right away. Plus, the design and usability are top-notch, leaving a great impression on clients. They're always updating it too. I've tried a bunch of tools and customer portals, but this one is the best. I am transferring all my clients to the platform. I aim to organize it in the most effective way, but so far, I have not encountered any limitations in adapting it to my company. My overall experience has been very positive. I highly recommend it for those who want to establish structure in their agency, with a centralized and collaborative space for the team and clients.“

Gerardo M.

CEO • Digital Marketing Agency

“The client portal software I was looking for! 1) Organized and filterable dashboard to find conversions, invoices and documents easily. 2) Easily trackable conversions with clients and my team. Optional magic link logins for those people that forget their login credentials. 3) Smooth transition from client communication to quotes and invoicing. 4) Accepts payments from 8 different payment types. 5) (Kitchen.co) Forms make it super easy for clients to start conversations and can be used as a simple ticketing system. 6) Fully brandable - Cname included and the ability to use your own SMTP. 7) API and webhooks. Fantastic! Easy setup and intuitive. When I had questions, support was fast and helpful.“

John S.


“Easy Setup & Great Functionality. It offers a whitelabel function for our web development & SEO agency work but it is packed with everything you need to create, track and manage projects from idea to completion. This is the perfect mix of Trello + Slack without needing to spend hours setting up or all the noise from Slack. Simple to implement but really powerful to track any kind of project, track expenses, billing clients and onboarding clients. We trialed the free version prior to purchasing kitchen and it was a no brainer. It was affordable and support helped us whenever we had an issue - and quite quickly. Support is great!“

Stacy D.

Project Manager • Web Development Agency

“An amazing platform for anyone in the Design field! The platform is extremely easy to use and it is packed with vital features that anyone in the Design and Development Industry could benefit from. At the price point, it is absolutely unmatched and is worth every penny. The support for any issues or questions is also unparalleled. They are very respectful and responsive and whenever an issue has come up, they always have a speedy resolution. Kitchen.co has become my sole platform for all of my projects from start to finish. It has changed the way I run my business in the best way possible.”

Jonathan B.

Web Designer and Developer

“A visually stunning project management tool with seamless functionality. I find the invoicing and embedding features to be fantastic and it is user-friendly for my clients. Convincing people to adopt a new tool can often be challenging, but with Kitchen, it has been embraced and loved by everyone. With plans to scale up my business, I require a platform that offers seamless scalability. After trying out various tools, I've come to the conclusion that Kitchen.co is the best option for our needs.”

Korkut D.

CEO • Digital Marketing Agency

“You'll make a strong impression to your customers. Setting up a client portal that looks professional and allows you to communicate, share files and organize your projects is very easy with Kitchen.co. It will help you save time since you won't have to send tons of emails anymore. The design is great, intuitive and quick, and it's also affordable. Your clients will be reassured by the credibility you'll show them thanks to this solution.”

Benjamin D.

CEO • Design Agency

“Simplest yet the most complete Client Portal for Agencies ever. I have tried multiple platforms and tool to create the easiest possible to use Client Portal. Clients do not like complex stuff, but we still need a place where we can keep files, manage projects and tasks, communicate and keep all the invoices in a collaborative way. It's not about what tools is the most stuffed with features, but what tool adapts to your and your clients needs. Kitchen.co is 100% a tool that adapts to our needs.

Seb W.

CEO • Digital Marketing Agency

“Great app for client / team collaboration. I like that it is very easy to use. Customer support is great. It is solving the problems with cluent portals. Here everything is easy and intuitive. You can set up sharing for only team or with client if you want. Great product.”

Olav M.


“The most important part is the client access to a whitelabel brand and domain portal and interactuate with us. Very good client attention service.

Moise M.

CEO • Graphic Design Agency

“Transparent quick to work with highly integrable. There was nothing like it, I was immediately impressed by the simple, easy to set up operation. My tasks have become more manageable, so I can plan better.

László E.


“Kitchen.co makes life easier in dealing with customers !! Kitchen.co provides an excellent working platform to implement, share and elaborate on files of all kinds. Customer service is excellent. Kitchen.co had been recommended to me by an IT colleague so I went for it. I had no knowledge about other similar platforms. Kitchen.co is basically taking over my life. I am thinking about quitting all of my hobbies.”

Ben B.

Guitar teacher • Music

“Kitchen.co has transformed the way we think about project management tools. Having client messaging at the heart of the system means we've improved the way we communicate with our clients and manage our multiple simultaneous client projects. The way Kitchen.co is designed fosters a far more natural style of project management versus other unnecessarily complex systems we've tried over the years. Buy-in from our internal team and clients has also been a breeze, with almost zero onboarding required.

Jonathan G.

Founder/CTO • Web Design & Development Agency

“Kitchen.co is an amazing app for small business owners! Very fast interface to interact with your projects and customers! We have been using it for a few months now and all of our team and customers are very happy with it! Kitchen.co’s support is very very fast and they always come up with new amazing updates! I can't wait to see whats the future for Kitchen.co!!”

Christophoros T.

Managing Director • Web Design Agency

“Kitchen.co has proved a great asset for us. Our team has found it easy to use and communicate with clients. The ever growing feature list is really impressive particularly around task management. Keep up the great work guys!”

Paul G.

Director • Web Design & Development Agency

“Kitchen.co is what Slack wishes it could be: highly collaborative but without all the disruption. It's changed the way we interact with clients, contractors and employees at every level of our projects. We can finally keep both internal and external communications together, along with files, billing, tasks, calendars, etc. It's like no other project management software we've used before, and thank goodness for that! ”

Matt D.

CEO • Digital Marketing Agency

“We have been using Kitchen.co for a while now and we absolutely love it! It is easy to use, keeps everything organized, and saves us a lot of time. The customers love it too! We highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great client management software!”

Steve M.

Account Manager • Shopify Agency

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