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Features and Functions

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Juggle all your project conversations

Manage thousands of messages in one place, and never miss a single update from your team or your clients.

Project communication

Kitchen.co organizes projects into shared conversations so everyone’s always on the same page.

Assignments & roles

Assign owners to conversations, and invite your team members to follow every update.

Internal-only messages

Send messages, helpful notes, or discuss important topics only you and other members on your team will see.

Custom fields

Create custom fields to include additional important information tied to a project.

Activity log

Know who’s done what and when, without having to ask anyone on your team.


Get notifications wherever you and your team communicate. Stay on top of deadlines, meetings, and more.

Shared client notes

Privately give your team a heads up on what to expect from certain clients.

Location tracking

See where your clients are located so you don’t ping them at 2 am.

Delivery status

Know when clients open and read every message you send.

Email notifications

Get an instant update in your inbox when someone sends a message, submits a payment, or accepts a price quote.

Email replies

Need to reply on the go? Do it directly from your inbox. Kitchen.co makes sure your messages sync with the right projects.

Saved replies

Give your fingers a break from typing the same replies over and over. Use your saved ones instead.


Mention team members and work together on client projects.

Star messages

Star important messages and find them later with just one click.

See who’s online

Know when your clients are active in Kitchen.co to reach them at the right time.

Attachment previews

View previews of PDFs, documents, and design files attached to every message.


Share links to projects with your team and clients in Slack, email or Kitchen.co.


Prep a message ahead of time, or get back to it later. Kitchen.co will autosave as you type.

Email signatures

Add a little personal touch to your messages with your profile picture, name, job title or favorite ice cream flavor.

Slick searching

Find what you’re looking for fast and easy with search scopes, operators and filters.

Due dates

Let everyone know when projects are due so deadlines are never missed.

Large attachments

Attach files up to 1GB to any outgoing messages or internal notes.


Add bold, italics, lists and images, and anything else to format your messages.

User-friendly interface

We designed Kitchen.co to look and feel like the apps you use every day. So when you’re logged in, there’s nothing new to it.

Tasks & Boards

Get client projects done

Stay on top of every task and stay on track with every project.

Kanban view

See the work that needs to get done in vertical sections like To-Do, Doing and Done.

Calendar view

Organize tasks by deadline and see them all on a shared calendar.

Table view

View tasks as a spreadsheet. Organize work, assign tasks, customize columns and sections.


Break down big, complex tasks into small, manageable pieces.


Discuss tasks, share files and links. Provide feedback to your team, get comments from clients, and move work forward.

Client Assignments

Need some project files from clients? Assign them tasks, so they know exactly what they need to do.

Boards Visibility

Control which task boards your clients can see.

Time Tracking

Add task estimates, and record time spent, so your team and clients know where projects stand.

Custom Fields

Add extra information to your tasks like status, type, label, or anything really.

Custom Groups

Group tasks by assignee, section or whatever makes sense for your workflow.


Filter tasks by status, assignee and more, and see only what's important for you to see.


Mention team members and clients and work together on tasks.

Invoicing & Payments

Streamline your billing process

Invoice projects, get paid, both without the legwork. Kitchen.co handles the heavy lifting so you get paid, period.


Create, customize, and send a Kitchen-hosted invoice in minutes.


Set clients up with a safe, speedy and straightforward checkout process, and get paid right on time.

Manual Bank-wire Payments

Add your bank details in Kitchen.co, and clients can manually transfer funds to your account.

Use more than one payment gateway

Kitchen.co lets you use multiple payment gateways simultaneously. Because it’s never a bad idea to have a backup.

Billing profiles

Save clients’ non-sensitive billing information in Kitchen.co for faster checkouts down the road.

Custom Invoice Numbering

Add a prefix, configure length, and match the same number format as your existing invoices.

Lightning-fast setup

Connect your PayPal business email to Kitchen.co and you're good to go. If you’re using Stripe or 2checkout, you’ll need to fill in just a couple more fields to get started.

Plays well with major payment gateways

Kitchen.co fully supports Stripe, Square, PayPal, Razorpay and 2checkout.

Quotes and Approvals

Get an instant “yes” from clients, then get paid upfront

Create and send detailed price quotes that easily land you the job. Simplify how you price your work, and get the green light ASAP.

One-click Approvals

Speed up your price approval process. Let clients accept quotes and pay you upfront with just one click.

Upfront payments

Once your price quote is approved, clients are redirected to checkout where you’ll get paid upfront, safely and securely.

Approvals from email

Clients can approve price quotes straight from their inboxes. Save them time so you can get straight to business.

Pricing tiers

Keep all your clients happy with pricing options that match their expectations.

Price breakdowns

Clarify every detail without the back-and-forth. Show clients how you price your services, what you'll deliver, and when you’ll get it done.

Pricing variables

Always price your work the right way. Set specific rates for different services, and keep your pricing consistent.

Auto-calculated timeframes

Base your timeframes on price and Kitchen.co will automatically calculate the total cost of the turnaround time.

Discounts & Free items

Who doesn’t love some savings? Mark what’s free, included or excluded for new or returning clients.

Math expressions

Write out simple math expressions and let Kitchen.co do the hard calculations.

Days off

Exclude weekends, company holidays, and vacation days from your timeframes.


All your price quotes can be copied and reused. Save more time with a template that works on hand, ready-to-go.

Universal format

Easily share your price quotes wherever you’re communicating: email, Slack, or Kitchen.co.

Client Portal

Give clients the inside scoop

Let them in on your process, check in with you and your team, accept price quotes, and pay you securely.

Send messages

Keep all your communication open and organized so you and your clients can easily discuss project requirements.

Attach files

Clients can attach files up to 250MB to any message they send.

Invite co-workers

Invite your client’s colleagues to Kitchen.co and quickly catch them up to speed with project progress.

Know what they owe

Clients can see everything they’ve paid or owe, and fulfill payments without logging into Kitchen.co.

Submit payments

Clients can pay safely and securely through credit card, PayPal, bank wire, or even e-checks—with or without logging into Kitchen.co.

Download invoices

Kitchen.co automatically generates a formal invoice ready for download, and sends it to clients instantly after you’re paid.

Approve price quotes

Let clients instantly approve price quotes from their inbox or Kitchen.co in one click.

Unlock deliverables

Clients can access final deliverables once they’ve paid, so you can close out projects without worrying.

Reply via email

Clients can reply straight from their inbox, and Kitchen.co will sync their message with the right projects.

Login only with email

Kitchen.co automatically sets up your clients’ accounts so they can log in with just their email.


Design your Kitchen your way

Customize your Kitchen.co to fit your business’s branding. Feel right at home when you log in.


Add your logo, change your workspace title, and make Kitchen.co look just like your business’s website.

Themes & Colors

Customize Kitchen.co colors to match your website brand identity.

Custom domain

Point your own domain, or sub-domain, to Kitchen.co and look even more like a pro.

Your email domain

Customize all email notifications from Kitchen.co to come from your business's domain.


Kitchen plays well with your favorite tools

Connect Kitchen.co to your website, email, internal tools and project management platforms.

Kitchen Inbox

Get projects in Kitchen.co through your account email address. Kitchen.co will automatically store new projects or merge with existing ones.


Point existing website forms to Kitchen.co with simple tweaks to a couple of lines of code. Or, just copy and paste a small code snippet. And if coding isn’t your thing, we’ll take care of it.


Install our WP add-on to connect Gravity Forms to Kitchen.co. Map form fields without touching a single line of code.

Email notifications

Get email updates when new messages, payments, accepted quotes or other important events come through.

Rest API

Create more advanced integrations like multi-step forms, order forms, or any other form that makes sense for your business.

Xero, Freshbooks, Freeagent, Quickbooks

Keep your accounting software in sync when clients pay you through Kitchen.co.

Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive

Attach files straight from your file storage platform.


Connect Kitchen.co to thousands of apps through Zapier.

coming soon


Get notifications in Slack for new projects, messages, payments, reminders and more.

coming soon

Trello, Asana, Basecamp

Create tasks in your project management software straight from Kitchen.co. Separate your external from internal communication, and get more organized and productive.


We don’t mess around when it comes to privacy and security

We take the highest security measures to keep every transaction, message, and bit of information safe.

99.99% uptime

There’s no time for downtime. Kitchen.co’s servers are super stable so you’re always connected.

256-bit SSL secure connection

Each connection to Kitchen.co’s servers is encrypted with 256bit SSL protocol, for both team members and clients.

Level 1 PCI compliance

Every single payment is processed securely. Kitchen.co does not store any sensitive data like credit card numbers or payment tokens.

Two-Factor authentication

Any time you or your clients log into Kitchen.co, you’ll need to prove you are, in fact, a human, with a TFA code sent by Google.

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