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Introducing Sub-tasks

Jul 21, 2022

Sub-tasks is a way of breaking down sizeable task into smaller pieces and making progress visible at a glance.

Task Boards now allow you to view your Tasks as a Kanban board.

Task Boards allow you to split a Project into actionable Tasks and assign each one to a Team member, and set a due-date.

Client Conversations is a cornerstone in your Kitchen workspace, every project has a Conversation module enabled. Today we introduce support for multiple Conversations in single project.

You can now add a Team column to Projects listing screens:

Today we introduce automatic link expansion for limited set of links in Conversation messages, similar to what you’d see when you send a link in Slack.

Project Progress now available in Projects listings

Jul 5, 2022
  • Projects Views
  • Tasks
  • v61

Visual cue for task progress is now available on Project listing screens.

Introducing Teams feature

Jul 5, 2022
  • Permissions
  • Teams
  • v61

A common question we hear from Workspace owners with more than a few people is:

How do we separate projects by department within our agency?

Today we introduce Teams feature in Kitchen to make it easier for Workspace owners to manage separate teams within their organization.

Previously, every member of your team had access to all Conversations in a Project.

You can now hide Conversations from particular user roles, and still allow them to see other project Tabs.

“Embed” project tab type now available

Jun 28, 2022
  • Project Tabs

Kitchen projects now support embedding of URLs right into project screen as an additional tab.

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