Jun 28, 2022

User Roles now allow granular control for client Conversations, and other Project Tabs

  • Permissions

Previously, every member of your team had access to all Conversations in a Project.

You can now hide Conversations from particular user roles, and still allow them to see other project Tabs.

Sometimes you want to invite a team member to your Kitchen workspace, but not give them full access across all projects, invoices, price quotes, or client communication. For example:

  • You might want to create a Designer role that has access to tasks in all projects, without seeing client communication
  • You might work with subcontractor that should be able to access only projects that you explicitly invited them to
  • You might want to invite your accountant to Kitchen, so they can download invoices for all projects on their own

To accommodate for these needs, Kitchen provides flexible and simple permission system:

  • Go to your workspace settings and choose Roles & Permissions
  • Click New Custom Role button
  • Pick a name for the role, for example Subcontractor
  • In the permissions panel, choose whether the people with this role can see all projects, or just the projects they’re explicitly invited in
  • In the Resources section, choose which project modules are available for team members with this role

Additionally, you can now choose which users in your workspace can access and manage:

  • Deliverables
  • Project Embed URLs
  • Reminders