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Client Portal

Give clients the access they want

Let clients in on your process, check in with you and your team, accept price quotes, and pay you securely.

No credit card required, cancel any time

Everything they need to not ping you after-hours

Kitchen gives them the right amount of context they need to stay up to date.

Client-friendly design

We made the Client Portal super simple for clients to use from the get-go—no setup required or complex functions to figure out.

Fuss-free features

Clients will only have access to the basics. They’ll use the same system as you, but with a simplified view.

Safe and Secure

We take the highest security measures to make sure your client’s information is always safe.

Help your clients keep their cool

Don’t let clients get in a sweat over the details. With Kitchen, they’ll feel like they’re part of the team.

Project Discussions

Discuss and clarify every detail

Keep all communication open and organized so you and your clients can touch base on project details. Make sure no questions are left unanswered, and everyone’s always on the same page.

Coworker Invitations

Invite your client’s team to projects

Need another decision-maker to give the green light? Or an accountant to clear the bill? Invite your client’s colleagues to Kitchen and quickly catch them up to speed with project progress.

Price Approvals

Get your price quotes approved fast

Bye-bye, back-and-forth messages. Clients can review and accept your price quotes with just one click.

Online Payments

Easy, secure,
on-time payments

Clients can see what they’ve paid and what they owe, making late payments out of the question. Clients can pay with a credit card, and payments are processed through Stripe, PayPal, or 2checkout.


Auto-send invoices

Cross invoicing off your to-do’s and waste no time tinkering with accounting software. Kitchen automatically generates a formal invoice after clients pay you, and sends it to them instantly.


Hand off final deliverables safely

Protect your work with a paywall and never get stiffed again. Clients can unlock final deliverables once they’ve paid, so you can close out projects without worrying.

Show clients you’re the real deal

And change the way you work with them, forever.

No credit card required, cancel any time

Works out of the box

We made it too easy to use

Zero learning curve

We designed the Client Portal to look like email on purpose. We figured, if we’re making this for them, it should be easy to use right away. And it should give you the props you deserve.

Works from their inbox

Clients can reply straight from their inbox, and Kitchen will sync their message with the right projects.

No login necessary

Clients can approve quotes, complete payments, and download invoices without signing in.

No need to create an account, either

Kitchen automatically sets up your clients’ accounts so they can log in with just their email.

Kitchen.co is what Slack wishes it could be: highly collaborative but without all the disruption. It's changed the way we interact with clients, contractors and employees at every level of our projects.
Matthew Dandurand

CEO @ Media Contour

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Change the way you
work with clients forever

No credit card required, cancel any time