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Get clients the results they want with your buttoned-up process.

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Everything in one place

A new way to work that actually works

Bye-bye, running in never-ending circles, and hello, Kitchen: the complete communication platform that brings clients and team members together. Wrap up every project on time, crush your client’s marketing goals, and watch your agency thrive from the inside out.

Open every line of communication

Watch your team collaborate like never before. Get them talking to clients and taking the lead on projects. Every conversation tied to a project is automatically organized in Kitchen, so everyone has the clarity and context they need.

Online Payments

Take invoicing off your to-do’s

Automate the tedious task of invoicing with Kitchen. Get paid on time first, then Kitchen works its auto-invoicing magic. While you get back to doing what you do best, Kitchen will create and ship off a formal invoice to your client that’s ready for download.

Client Portal

Get clients raving about your agency

Know what else will give your agency a new claim to fame (besides producing stellar results for your clients, obviously)? A no-nonsense, client-friendly process that keeps them happy, involved, and engaged throughout every stage of every project.

Put the ‘pro’ in your process

Don’t just impress clients. Knock their freakin’ socks off with Kitchen.

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Change the way you work

Keep all the details together, from strategy to launch

Work openly with clients

Make it easy for everyone to discuss details, ask questions, and move projects forward, together. Clients can easily follow updates and check in with you without bombarding your inbox.

Never get lost in the details

We can’t stop your team from watching cat videos all day, but we can help you from drowning in a flood of emails. Know who’s working on what, when projects and payments are due, and where projects are headed.

Collaborate with your team & crush it

There are some things email just can’t do, like build a collaborative environment. Inside Kitchen, you’ll have every tool you need to keep everyone moving in the right direction together, and squash deadlines like nobody’s business (except yours, of course).

Kitchen.co is what Slack wishes it could be: highly collaborative but without all the disruption. It's changed the way we interact with clients, contractors and employees at every level of our projects.
Matthew Dandurand

CEO @ Media Contour

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