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Unpaid work?
Not on our watch.

Protect yourself from getting burned. Deliver final project files only after clients pay.

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Set yourself up for stress-free
handoffs in 3 simple steps:


Upload your files to Kitchen

Ready to wrap things up? Upload or provide a link to your final files in Kitchen.


Lock them with a paywall

Secure your deliverables behind a paywall. Clients can’t access or download files without paying in full.


Unlock files automatically

As soon as your client pays, Kitchen immediately shares your files. No extra work or worrying involved.

How it works

Worried you won’t get paid? Don’t. We’ve got your back.

Your work and your business are always covered with Kitchen.

First-time clients?

Show clients you’re not messing around with a safe and secure closing process.

No upfront payments?

Never question whether or not you’ll get paid. With Kitchen, you’ll get paid in full, period.

Hard-to-read clients?

If something’s slightly off about your client, hang on to your work. No payment = no handoff.

Use cases

Close projects with more confidence

And kiss unpaid work goodbye. For good.

No credit card required, cancel any time

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Change the way you
work with clients forever

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