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Price Quotes

Price projects fast and easy

Create and send detailed price quotes that land you the job. Price your work the easier way so clients can accept your estimates ASAP.

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We didn’t reinvent quotes. We just found a better way to make them.

Itemize your services in a way that’s easy to read, and even easier for clients to approve.

No setup

No need to setup anything. You can start creating price quotes right away.

Easy to use

Create, customize, and send project price quotes fast and easy. Add sections, line items, and turnaround times directly to your price quotes.

Squeaky-clean structure

Provide clear, concise price quotes that show how you price your services, what you'll deliver, and when you’ll get it done.

How it works

Create a price quote

Add a quote title, sections and line items. Set turnaround time, configure the accept button, and of course the upfront payment.

All your price quotes can be copied and reused. You’ll always have a template that works on hand, ready-to-go.

Send a price quote

When you’re ready to hand off your price quote, just drop it into a project conversation and hit send. Clients will receive an email notification with your message and the price quote.

Get approved

Clients can accept your price quote with just one click. Get the “yes” in no time.

Get paid upfront, on your terms

After your quote’s approved, Kitchen redirects clients to checkout so you’re paid upfront, safely and securely.

Invoice automatically

Finally, Kitchen.co generates an invoice using the clients' billing information collected during checkout.

Oh yeah, and it works with email

Clients can review and approve your price quotes straight from their inboxes. Save them time so you can get down to business.

Breeze right through the pricing process

Make it easy for you and your team to send price quotes that get approved, period.

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Kitchen.co is what Slack wishes it could be: highly collaborative but without all the disruption. It's changed the way we interact with clients, contractors and employees at every level of our projects.
Matthew Dandurand

CEO @ Media Contour

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