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Price projects fast and easy

Create and send detailed price quotes that land you the job. Price your work the easier way so clients can accept your estimates ASAP.

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Text Interface

We didn’t reinvent quotes. We just found a better way to create them.

Itemize your services in a way that’s easy to read, and even easier for clients to approve.

Super simple syntax

Type in what you want in your quote with a label and a price, and separate them with a colon. See? Super simple.

Powerful and user-friendly

Ditch the calculator. Set variables, expressions, and formulas to calculate your prices.

Squeaky-clean structure

Price Quotes have a clean, clear-cut layout so clients can review and accept them in a snap.

Quote Approvals

Get a “yes” from clients in no time

Expedite your price approval process. Clients can accept quotes and pay you upfront with just one click.

1. Prepare your quote

Create and send your price quote

When you’re ready to hand off your price quote, just drop it into the project conversation and hit send.

2. Get approved

Get the thumbs up from clients

Let clients review your price quote first. Include an “accept” button so clients can give you the green light on the spot.

3. Receive payment

Get paid upfront, on your terms

After your quote’s approved, Kitchen will redirect clients to checkout so you’re paid upfront, safely and securely.

Pricing Variables

Price your work the right way, every time

Set specific rates for specific services

Charge different rates for each service you offer, like research, design, development, or copywriting.

Don’t just charge by the hour

Time-boxing is old-school. Choose how you charge: by the page, design concept, paragraph or even words per article.

Keep your prices consistent

Give clients the same prices no matter who sends the quote. Never run the risk of charging too much or too little.

Price Quotes makes pricing a piece of cake

Pricing Tiers

Prices that suit every kind of client

Keep all your clients happy with pricing options that match their expectations.

Price Breakdowns

Clarify details in one go

Provide clear, concise price quotes that show how you price your services, what you'll deliver, and when you’ll get it done.


Save even more time with templates

All your price quotes can be copied and reused. You’ll always have a template that works on hand, ready-to-go.

Approvals via Email

Oh yeah, and it works with email

Clients can approve your price quotes straight from their inboxes. Save them time so you can get down to business.

Breeze right through the pricing process

Make it easy for you and your team to send price quotes that get approved, period.

No credit card required, cancel any time

Additional Features

Yep, there’s more to love


Base your timeframes on price and Kitchen will auto-calculate the total cost and the turnaround time.

Delivery Status

See if your quotes were successfully delivered and when clients view them.

Days Off

Exclude weekends, company holidays, and vacation days from your timeframes.

Discounts & Free Items

Mark what’s free, included or excluded for new or returning clients. Who doesn’t love some savings?

Math Expressions

Write out simple math expressions and let Kitchen do the calculations.

Universal Format

Easily share your price quotes wherever you’re communicating: email, Slack, or Kitchen.

With, clients are happier, managers feel more productive, and communication is easier because everything is in one place!
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