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Show clients you’ve got it together with every site you launch.

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All-in-one platform

Become an organization wizard

When things get disorganized, projects become stressful. And they really shouldn’t be. Inside Kitchen, you can keep tabs on every message, payment, project request, quote approval, file, invoice, and compliment from your clients in one window.

Waste no time combing through threads

Ever been CC’d on an email, only to spend a solid 15 minutes trying to figure out what the heck is going on in the thread? With Kitchen, you can be looped into a conversation and get straight to the point, without having to ask a single question.

Online Payments

Leave the invoicing to Kitchen

Your time and attention should be spent getting things done, not dealing with invoices. Kitchen automates this process by sending a formal, ready-to-download invoice after clients pay. Plus, Kitchen organizes all invoices for you. You’re welcome.

Client Portal

Give your clients exactly what they want

Sure, you need your client’s feedback. But you don’t need their input on everything. Inside the Client Portal, your clients get just the right amount of context they need to feel like they’re in the loop and on top of things.

Stress less and do more with Kitchen

Get back to building extraordinary websites.

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Bring the whole team together

Run your web design studio the way you’ve always wanted

Keep clients happy

Loop your clients into the design and development process, and watch their eyes burst with excitement when their new website comes to life. You’ll definitely get a call from them again.

Build a high-energy team

Let your team take charge and talk to clients directly. Make them feel like they’re running this business, too, and contributing to its success. They’ll go the extra mile, regardless of the task.

Work faster, smarter, and better

Never let things fall through the cracks. With Kitchen, you and your team know exactly what’s going on during every phase of the project, making you the ‘pro’ of productivity. You might even make 4-day work weeks a permanent thing.

Kitchen.co is what Slack wishes it could be: highly collaborative but without all the disruption. It's changed the way we interact with clients, contractors and employees at every level of our projects.
Matthew Dandurand

CEO @ Media Contour

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