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How you can customize Kitchen

Add your logo

Upload your logo and Kitchen will use it everywhere - in your workspace, on the login pages, on the checkout pages, and on all transactional emails.

Themes & Colors

Create your own color theme that matches your website identity. You can completely restyle the navigation, and the sidebar.

Unbranded email notifications

Remove Kitchen branding and make email notifications look just like regular email messages.

Custom domain

Point your own domain, or sub-domain to Kitchen and look even more like a pro.

Your email domain

Customize the sender address for all email notifications to come from your business's domain.

Free for freelancers & tiny teams

Get ready to change the way you work with clients, forever.

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Kitchen.co is what Slack wishes it could be: highly collaborative but without all the disruption. It's changed the way we interact with clients, contractors and employees at every level of our projects.
Matthew Dandurand

CEO @ Media Contour

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